So I believe in God. God is all around us, he is in each of us. God is the ultimate creator of life, the universe and everything. God does not speak to me directly, but rather he gives me what I need to survive day in and day out. I respect God, but I do not worship God; God does not need to be worshipped; God does not need anything as he is already everything.

When you disrespect another human being, you are disrespecting God. When you pump poison into the air, water or even the minds of those around you, you are poisoning God. When you support pain and hatred, you feed the devil and when you dismiss the beliefs of others, you are just as well dismissing God.

We cannot hope to comprehend the immense nature of existence, but nor should we stop trying. God does not give us what we need, he gives us the tools to earn it for ourselves. He could not blame us for using the tools of his creation, our intelligence and our bodies.

To think though that almost every self described religious person believes that “God” can be summed up by a book written by man, by dogma created and propagated by man, is astounding. We do not and can not have all of the answers, only God does, and anyone who claims otherwise is an insult to God.