It’s all relative…

Social justice is different from just ‘justice’. I don’t believe in justice, just as I don’t believe in revenge. These two concepts, although popular and often even seen in positive lights, serve only to exacerbate existing problems.

What we should talking about is social justice, and that means to treat perpetrator of social offences in ways that protect society’s best interests. Jails remove criminals from society, which is a sure shot way of ensuring that they do not get another chance to offend again, until they get out anyway. Social justice is looking beyond the victim.

Justice doesn’t turn back time and undo the injustice, and justice itself is a relative concept, where what might be justice to one person would be injustice to another.

Social justice needs to think further, into the past, of the criminals. What sequence of events led them to their act?

What were the prerequisites/ingredients necessary for the crime to have been committed?

Do we, as a society, have any control over those prerequisites/ingredients?

If yes, how do we manipulate those factors to benefit society?

Justice isn’t fair and nothing is, but social justice is still necessary when living in a society, and we all do now.