Nature versus Nurture

If you want to grow your own apples, there’s a fairly well defined process you can follow. Specific tree varieties require certain types of soil, certain amounts of sunlight, certain amounts of water and regular pruning throughout the life of the plant. Apple trees require the nearby presence of another apple tree so that bees can cross pollinate them, without which they will not bear fruit. These are variables, that if tightly controlled, optimize the tree’s chance of success.

Great apples can be found in the wild, but this is a rare thing and surely it has little to do with the original seed’s will power or work ethic. These wild trees just happened to chance upon a location that meets their needs, but without pruning, the fruit will never be optimal.

Agriculture and societies share this common characteristic. The health of an apple tree in an orchard, much like the health of an individual in a society, is determined by the care and structural support provided by the environment it exists in.

Not only does society have a major role to play in the development of its citizens, but should it fail to provide a sufficiently optimized environment, the majority of said citizens will not succeed. Everybody wants to succeed, you don’t need to incentivize that; what people need to succeed is structure and opportunity, and only a well adjusted society can provide that.

You can’t legislate an apple tree into a fruit haven, you have to help it meet its needs.


What if we let people get rich, but dissuaded them from becoming too rich. You have an index that moves with the economy that sets a maximum reasonable income level and then tax the rest at 90%, to be used for social programs, infrastructure, etc…

How much money does one person really need? When there are individuals who are worth more than some countries, have we not let the concept of money devolve into wealth barbarism?  Do not forget that money is by its very nature a finite resource. The richer someone is, the poorer others are.

I fully endorsed the positive aspect of currency, for example incentive for achievement and ease of trade, but we must find a way to lift people up without pushing others down.

social disparity: wealthy minority and the 99 per cent
social disparity: wealthy minority and the 99 per cent

Fall of the Empire

The US has taken it’s first truly backward step in a long time. They’ve let mostly baseless hate and fear trick them into electing a shitty business man and reality TV personality into a job even he knew wasn’t within his abilities to do.

The responsitity for this tragedy goes mostly to the 120 million eligible voters who did not vote. The 62 million people who did vote for him had their reasons. The 64 million who voted for Hillary had theirs. It wasn’t enough because the electoral college got aced by the RNC this time.

Washington’s corruption, ineptitudes and sometimes baffling incompetence are just humans traits. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter who is running the system or what the laws are; humans are imperfect and opportunistic. You don’t get elected to anything if you’re not already putting on an act of some sort. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The left had a good thing going though, they are typically on the right side of history and science. They’ve even grown accustomed to laughing at the right, and often with good reason. No one likes being laughed at.

Trump’s win is proof positive that derision isn’t good in politics. Furthermore and more importantly, intolerance of intolerance just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.
We need to find ways to open communication back up, even to the absolute worst of the worst, lest the problem fester and actually get worse. It began festering big time when Obama won, and we now know just how toxic it became.

Peace cannot be kept by force

It’s not illegal to have an opinion, regardless of how misguided, disgusting or blind it is, so we can’t just treat these miscreants with disrespect, like we can actual criminals. We need to listen, share and hope to teach. The only concrete way to enact real positive change is to lead by example.

The Giant Leap

Human kind is at a crossroads. There’s a gigantic contradiction in our society that people rarely talk about, if they even admit it exists.

We do unspeakable things to animals for their meat, fur, labor and more. All while freaking out about even the tiniest injustice done to humans, and cats, and dogs.

I am sure that some pet owners would kill to protect their animals (and other material possessions…) and still eat meat. Of course there are vegetarians and vegans, so clearly this contradiction doesn’t apply to everyone globally, but legally and psychologically this attitude gap is fascinating.


It’s not clear if we’ll continue to move towards more human rights, and animal rights, because activists have been decrying the treatment of animals for a long time, and many people will even buy cleaner meat products (humane treatment of live stock, if such a thing is possible), and still not much has changed.

It’s entirely possible that the laws we have protecting humans and organizations are perhaps too strict. We could end up with a middle ground between living beings being consider products to be slaughtered and sold and life being generally respected, if such a thing is possible.

Clearly some of our ideals neglect to take into account the reality of our existence because after all, life must consume to continue.

Life is destructive

Life is a destructive process. We consume enormous amounts of energy.

The incredibly rare and reactive habitat we depend on is our play thing, and our most significant contribution is to create more life before we go away ourselves and we are multiplying.

We’re really good at this whole life thing. We’ve evolved so much that even the most dim witted member of our society can still procreate and have their offspring grow up and live on. The truth is that we are less violent than we’ve ever been as a species. There are seven billion of us and barely any of us are killing each other.

We should ride that momentum and rid the world of war, poverty and corruption; maybe we’re ready to evolve again and not just maintain ourselves, but maintain our environment, our beautiful world.

Eat the rich

evil-moneyTo those who think that poor people are lazy and that they should just get jobs. News flash, technology is largely replacing the need for the kind of jobs the uneducated could get. We are fast moving towards a world where it won’t make any sense at all for everyone to be employed, we just won’t need it. So what, they aren’t useful so they get nothing? They don’t have the right to live (to eat, to drink, to love…)
We need to drop this notion that a “career” is the right path for everyone.
We need to drop this notion that we all need to “earn a living”.

Personally I’d rather live around unemployed but honest and polite people, than brutal back stabbers willing to sell you out for a pay raise. Capitalism had one thing right, inspiring people to create and improve, but the promise of money has turned against us. Money in and of itself is fast becoming the worst possible reward, as it brainwashes people to think that happiness and success are material and not psychological.
Of course, I don’t believe I can convince others of this and I see no point in wasting too much energy trying. Instead I will live it.
Feed the poor, eat the rich.

The pursuit of money

Maybe money really does make you happy, at least in the moment. People are actually very visibly happy when they receive money. The larger the amount the more they exude happiness.

I suppose the truth might be closer to: money doesn’t keep you happy. Like any other material object, we tend to lose our interest once we’ve obtained what we wanted. Then there’s nurture.

Money is everything in society; we define ourselves by our incomes. We flaunt, not our money, but our status, our wealth, and we celebrate how easy it all is for us. We like to show off and money is a big deal.

The problem, in my humble opinion, is that money is so powerful to us now that the great majority of us are willing to ignore ethical considerations when sufficient amounts of money are involved. Money can make you a bad person, and maybe money isn’t brainwashing you so much as it is consuming you, incapacitating your ability to empathize with those who are transferring they money to you. You might not even think of the negative consequences at all, so you don’t feel dirty. You are just ignorant, and that’s okay as long as you are rich.