Fall of the Empire

The US has taken it’s first truly backward step in a long time. They’ve let mostly baseless hate and fear trick them into electing a shitty business man and reality TV personality into a job even he knew wasn’t within his abilities to do.

The responsitity for this tragedy goes mostly to the 120 million eligible voters who did not vote. The 62┬ámillion people who did vote for him had their reasons. The 64┬ámillion who voted for Hillary had theirs. It wasn’t enough because the electoral college got aced by the RNC this time.

Washington’s corruption, ineptitudes and sometimes baffling incompetence are just humans traits. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter who is running the system or what the laws are; humans are imperfect and opportunistic. You don’t get elected to anything if you’re not already putting on an act of some sort. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The left had a good thing going though, they are typically on the right side of history and science. They’ve even grown accustomed to laughing at the right, and often with good reason. No one likes being laughed at.

Trump’s win is proof positive that derision isn’t good in politics. Furthermore and more importantly, intolerance of intolerance just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.
We need to find ways to open communication back up, even to the absolute worst of the worst, lest the problem fester and actually get worse. It began festering big time when Obama won, and we now know just how toxic it became.

Peace cannot be kept by force

It’s not illegal to have an opinion, regardless of how misguided, disgusting or blind it is, so we can’t just treat these miscreants with disrespect, like we can actual criminals. We need to listen, share and hope to teach. The only concrete way to enact real positive change is to lead by example.

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