Eat the rich

evil-moneyTo those who think that poor people are lazy and that they should just get jobs. News flash, technology is largely replacing the need for the kind of jobs the uneducated could get. We are fast moving towards a world where it won’t make any sense at all for everyone to be employed, we just won’t need it. So what, they aren’t useful so they get nothing? They don’t have the right to live (to eat, to drink, to love…)
We need to drop this notion that a “career” is the right path¬†for everyone.
We need to drop this notion that we all need to “earn a living”.

Personally I’d rather live around unemployed but honest and polite people, than brutal back stabbers willing to sell you out for a pay raise. Capitalism had one thing right, inspiring people to create and improve, but the promise of money has turned against us. Money in and of itself is fast becoming the worst possible reward, as it brainwashes people to think that happiness and success are material and not psychological.
Of course, I don’t believe I can convince others of this and I see no point in wasting too much energy trying. Instead I will live it.
Feed the poor, eat the rich.

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