Love is hate

Love hate

“Make love, not war.” is a common attitude among those who strive for peace, tolerance, inclusion and progress, but it occurred to me the other day that love, generally seen as a net positive concept, is also likely the cause of war, pain, strife, poverty, etc…
How quickly love turns to hate when situations pivot, and is it even possible to feel overpowering hate or anger if it is not for the love of something else, or even a radical change in our emotions towards someone or something that we once loved?
Do the greedy not love their money, thus causing poverty on the other side of the spectrum? Do those who fight wars not believe they are fighting for a good cause, often defined by their love for said cause? Does not the most intense pain come from emotional damage at the hands of those we love or once loved?

In the balance of the universe, love is ying and hate is yang, you cannot have one without the other, and while many people would love to believe that love is the answer and hate all those who do not love, are they not setting themselves up for the worst while expecting the best?
Life is complex, it is notably impossible to fully grasp in all of it’s nuances, mysteries, blessings and curses. Love may be all you need, but with it comes the full spectrum of emotion, and thus this ideal is flawed, just as we all are.

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