natural selectionScience and technology have progressed immensely of the course of the last few hundred years. Medical science alone has saved millions through prevention by means of vaccines and hygiene. It is getting to a point where common diseases, viruses and bacteria, are no match for our modern medicines. From those efforts nature has isolated super viruses and super bacteria that are resistant to our drugs and methods. Whereas we once thought we might live in an era without sickness and disease, we are now realizing that the cat and mouse game of life and death is far from over.

Natural selection, as probable as it is misunderstood, doesn’t seem to be a major factor in life anymore. People with bad genes still mate, and people who get sick now get better; even people who can’t walk, talk or even function in society are still afforded a place among us, and why wouldn’t they if we are able to sustain them?

The idea is that the weak and the unworthy of each species would fail to find a mate and thus their genes would no longer be part of the gene pool, while beneficial mutations would win out and make the species stronger, and better seems a far and distant ideal. Give it some thought and it may even be one of those awkward aspects of life that sounds good until you realize the propensity for disaster.

If a genetic mutation caused a single mother to give birth to countless children, all with the same ability, then that gene would usually win out, but overpopulation would quickly exhaust the resources necessary to sustain said population and thus would die out. It is clear then that while “survival of the fittest” alludes to individuals who are more capable of adapting to their surroundings, this is not always the case, and history makes quick work of such natural selection problems, as nature always retakes it’s place as giver of life, as well as that which takes life away.

In the long run natural selection can not result in altogether stronger, smarter or better forms of life, but instead a balance thereof, because¬†any dominating species will almost assuredly bring about it’s own demise.

Humans, we think, could be an exception to that natural rule. We have the intellect and planning capabilities to overcome the limitations that other dominant species have encountered. Sadly it appears that the sheer number of humans on this earth is going to make any real common effort towards sustaining ourselves very difficult.

For the time, war, disease, poverty and crime end most of our lives and still more attention is paid on short sighted selfish goals, most of which indirectly enable war, poverty, disease and crime to overcome us.

It is often mistated that many men and women are trying to save the earth. This is inaccurate though, the earth will live on regardless of the impact humans have on it. Saving the earth, as we proclaim it, is really only saving ourselves.



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