Inputting the future

One of man kind’s great advantages in the circle of life is our ability to craft tools. Using tools is easy enough, but the ability to imagine new ones, create them and in some cases use those tools to make even better tools [toolception] is huge.

Fast forward to the computer age. First there was the punch card, then the keyboard and mouse, each with their advantages and disadvantages but all created to facilitate input and produce more tools.

It seems that our primary input methods have plateau’d, is this the best way to interact with complex systems? Are motion detectors, eye tracking cameras and mind readers the next wave?

One thing is clear, whoever comes out with the true successor to the keyboard and mouse is going to revolutionize technology. We’re not talking about replacing the mouse with something else to move the cursor, but the end of the cursor, of typing and of all input bottlenecks, at least, until the next best method is invented…Human Brain as computer pathways

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