Life is incredible

People really love to complain, I mean “love” it. Among good friends it is more rare to regularly hear complaining, venting or just generally negativity.

What’s the big deal? More often than not complaints do nothing to address the problem and in fact drain valuable energy and time from the people experiencing the problem.

Furthermore, venting has been shown to actually exacerbate the situation. Those who express their negative feelings tend to reinforce them rather than “let them go”. There have been scientific studies done to prove it.

If you are safe, well fed, clothed and sheltered, you do not have any real pressing problems. Your stress is unfounded and your attitude is your only problem. Realize the limitations of what you control and what you do not and you will be free.

Just the fact that your are alive is mind blowing, don’t forget it.

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.

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