The less fortunate

We live in a new kind of society, where kids leave the house at 18 and never come back. We don’t take care of our parents anymore and some us don’t have even kids that could take care of us anyway.
We’ve replaced familial obligations with freedom and individuality. That is all fine and good, so long as we replace the help our elderly used to receive with something else. Hardships used to be everyone’s problem; you couldn’t neglect the poor and the weak because they lived on your doorstep, in smaller villages. They had a name and a face and their problems weren’t brushed off as laziness or entitlements or some other bullshit excuse some people give.
Moreover, some people are not as luck as we are, they don’t have the smarts, the looks or the contacts that we have. Things that simple and common sense to us are hard and confusing to them. The less fortunate need the help of the fortunate, it has always been that way and it will always be that way.

We can keep denying reality, and watch the lives or people around us crumble, or we can stop complaining and start helping.India_poor

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